Children's Stories


To help you understand the children who are typically waiting for adoption in the One Adoption are here are some example profiles of children we have previously been family finding for. Whilst they are based on real children their names have been changed to protect their identity. 

These are not children we are currently looking for families for, so please do not submit enquiries about these children.

I am four years old and my ethnicity is White British  “I love to read stories and watch my favourite television programmes, Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig” 
I am three years old and my ethnicity is White/Black Caribbean  “I love going to ballet classes and practice spinning” 
Zuzanna is of fair complexion with bright blue eyes and brown hair. She is dainty and smiles a lot! She is of Polish heritage.
Amyra is described by her carers as a beautiful baby who is a real delight to look after.
William is a White British baby boy, he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is described as having a beautiful smile and smiles lots.
Maya, Noah and Amelia are full siblings, who are all of dual heritage. They are of White British and Black Caribbean ethnic origin.
Alex is four and is a happy, quiet and sensitive boy who loves animals, especially his foster carer’s two dogs and guinea pig.
Sophie is five years old. Katie is 11 months old and Sophie’s little sister.
Kyle is three years old and lives with his foster carers who describe him as a happy, friendly little boy who enjoys riding his scooter and going to the park to play on the swings. He loves being outdoors and having fun climbing, jumping in puddles and playing in the garden.  Kyle plays well with the foster carers’ older child in the home and likes to help with baking cakes and cooking different foods.