Lifelong support

We understand that one question a lot of people who are thinking of adopting ask is; “If I adopt, will I get any support?” Here at One Adoption West Yorkshire whatever your level of parenting experience, we can help you use your life experiences and build the skills to provide a safe, loving home for a child whatever challenges are thrown at you.

Our adoption support offer starts at the very beginning of the adoption process and continues throughout childhood from early years to teenage and beyond.

We have developed our adoption support package by working with adoptive families, children, young people and professionals to build a comprehensive range of resources, materials and training courses which will enable you to deal with the rough times and make the most of the smooth ones.

Passport for prospective adopters

Even before you are approved you will be given access to an enhanced membership package from Adoption UK called 'Passport' which provides a comprehensive package of learning resources which has been tailor-made to provide information on relevant and important topics, to support people when going through the Adoption approval process. This includes access to a UK wide network of peer support and a 10-stage learning programme. 

Adopter’s area

Once you are approved as an adopter you will be given access to a member’s only area of this website which provides a host of useful information on all of the support available to adopters in the West Yorkshire area. If you are already an adopter with One Adoption West Yorkshire and would like to request access to the adopter’s area please contact us here. 

Log into the West Yorkshire Members area here. 

Local support groups

There are a variety of groups open to adoptive parents running throughout the West Yorkshire region. The support groups will enable you to meet up with other adoptive families in your local area. There are groups specifically for single adopters and groups for families with children who have specific needs like FASD.

Peer Mentoring

One Adoption West Yorkshire works with Adoption UK to provide a Peer Mentoring scheme - which means experienced adopters are on hand to help other adoptive parents with a variety of issues. They can help if you are going through the assessment process as well as post-adoption, if you need help with a particular parenting issue. It is a confidential service open to everyone who has adopted through One Adoption West Yorkshire.


Support for adopted children and young people

There are groups for adoptive parents and children taking place across the West Yorkshire region, from parent and toddler stay and play sessions to groups for ‘tweens’ and teenagers.

Education support

Education is often a major issue for adopted children and young people. There are various forms of educational support, from priority access to schools to Pupil Premium funding to help schools give extra support to adopted children. Our education support helpline is also available for adoptive parents and schools who need help and advice to support an adopted child or young person.

Multi Disciplinary Team

At One Adoption West Yorkshire the adoption support team is further strengthened by a team of specialists in a variety of disciplines including Education, Child Psychology, Play Therapy and Health who are able to provide specialist consultations and support as needed. 

Membership to support networks

By adopting through One Adoption West Yorkshire you would be entitled to a year's free membership to Adoption UK, which would enable you to take up a host of benefits as well as being part of the country's leading adoption network. If you identify as being a member of the LGBTQ+ community you would also be able to benefit from the leading LGBTQ+ adoption support network with free membership to New Family Social. 

Therapeutic support

Due to the impact of early trauma and separation, adopted children often need additional support at different times throughout their childhood. Following an assessment this support could be provided through the Adoption Support Fund.

The Adoption Support Fund is provided by the Government to pay for a range of therapeutic support and services in order to provide the following positive outcomes:

  • Improved relationships with friends, family members, teachers and school staff
  • Improved engagement with learning
  • Improved emotional regulation and behaviour management
  • Improved confidence and ability to enjoy a positive family life and social relationships

If, in the future you feel you need to access the ASF for therapeutic support, we would carry out an assessment and if the need for therapy is identified, would apply to the fund on your behalf.


As part of our adoption support offer there will be various opportunities to attend training and workshops to help you support your child through to adulthood. The training will help build specific skills relevant to your family’s particular needs, for example Therapeutic Parenting, or how to care for a child with FASD or behavioural problems. We are also able to provide workshops which help you talk to your child about adoption.

Partner organisations

At One Adoption West Yorkshire we work alongside a number of partners to help deliver our adoption support services to families.

Adoption Support Agencies (ASAs)

Adoption Support Agencies offer a range of support to those affected by adoption, adoptive parents and families, adults adopted as children and birth families. Such support can include helplines, support groups, and counselling and therapeutic help. ASAs can also provide consultation and training to professionals working in adoption.

The two Adoption Support Agencies (ASAs) who provide a post-adoption service within the Yorkshire and Humber region are:

Adoption UK
Family Action

We are also members of the following organisations who offer support to:

Adopteens (young people)

CoramBAAF (agencies and professionals who work with children and young people)

Kinship (kinship carers)

New Family Social (LGBT+ adoptive and foster families)