Adopting Brothers & Sisters


Brother and sisters are 'Better Together'

Across Yorkshire and the Humber around half of the children waiting for a forever family are part of a sibling group who need to be placed together. 

For many children, their brothers and sisters are all they have, their shared experience of the past and their support network for the future. 


"The girls would have been devastated if they had been split up. Together is all they’ve ever known. They were adamant we weren’t taking the baby from them; they were so protective of her. It was so important for them that they all went together and were looked after and loved together."

Adopter, Annie

Little girl and baby brother laying on their fronts looking at the camera

There are lots of positives to adopting brothers and sisters:

Children who are adopted together are more likely to settle in to their new home quickly; they develop key social skills like sharing, as well as nurturing their own identity and sibling bond. 

Having a brother or sister to share their experience with can help adopted children settle into their new homes and have a positive sense of who they are. The impact of separating sibling groups, perhaps leaving a brother or sister behind, can be traumatic and leave a child feeling anxious and worried.

Create your family straight away

If you have always wanted a family, adopting brothers and sisters gives you that straight away. If you are planning to adopt more than one child, adopting siblings means you only need to go through the process once. When you adopt siblings you create a family unit quickly, which means you can put a lot of energy into building your new family at once rather than in stages. 

A brother and sister and their baby brother play stacking rings together on the grass

"If you want a family of more than one child or you’ve grown up in a family with siblings, you know how amazing it can be when a house is full children, noise, challenge, frustration and lots of laughter and fun. Don’t do it in stages, one at a time, do it all at once. It’s full on but it’s incredibly rewarding."

Adopter, Kate

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