Information Events


In order to start your adoption journey, the first step is to attend one of our information events. At our events you will meet social workers, hear about the process, hear from an adopter and meet others who might be in similar situations to yourself and your own family. These events will help you decide if adoption is the right path to becoming a parent for you and if you are ready to start the process.

Our events will provide you with: 

  • Information about how you could become an adoptive parent/family
  • An understanding of how we will get to know you and work with you during the process
  • The truth about how adoption really feels from an adopter's real-life perspective
  • An overview of the children who are typically waiting for an adoptive family in this region
  • Information about what training and support is available


Which event should I attend?

If you wish to apply to a specific One Adoption agency (North & Humber, South Yorkshire or West Yorkshire) you will need to attend their specific information event. 

You don't have to apply to the area in which you live, but you must be in close travelling distance as your social worker will need to visit you at home. 

I want to adopt a child who is already known to me.

These information events are not suitable for those wishing to adopt a partner's child, or a child who is already known to them. You can find more information about step-parent adoption here.

I want to adopt a child from another country

If you are enquiring about adopting a child from overseas (Inter-country adoption), please contact the Yorkshire Adoption Agency for more information.

One Adoption South Yorkshire information film

The One Adoption South Yorkshire adoption information session is also available as a film. If you would like access to the film rather than booking onto an information event please contact the enquiry line on 0345 002 0012 or complete the enquiry form here

In-person/ online information events will still be held once a month.  

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