A Life Less Ordinary

Two little brothers sitting cross legged smiling at the camera

The three One Adoption agencies are joining forces with agencies across the country to support a new #YouCanAdopt campaign 'A Life Less Ordinary' to find families for children who wait the longest. 

Across the country there has been a significant increase in the number of people coming forward to adopt, but most are seeking a single, very young child or a baby. 

In fact, adopters are in greatest need for brother and sister groups, older children, those with additional needs and children from ethnic minority backgrounds. Children from these groups represent 64% of all those waiting to be adopted in Yorkshire and the Humber with many facing year-long delays compared to those without these characteristics.

For example:

  • Children over 5 wait 13 months longer to be adopted from care.
  • Children with a disability wait 11 months longer.
  • Children in a sibling group wait 11 months longer. 
  • Children from an ethnic minority background (excluding white minorities) wait three months longer.

The new campaign shines a light on the life-changing experience of adopting a child who may wait longer to be adopted, reminding potential adopters that while some children may be seen as ‘harder to place’, they are not harder to love.

For anyone considering adopting a child who would typically wait longer the One Adoption agencies all have professional adoption support teams who can offer a wide range of support throughout the child’s journey through to adulthood – you will not be alone at any step of the way. 

As part of the campaign real life adopters where set some tricky questions by a very important panel. Find out more about 'A Life Less Ordinary' and to watch the campaign video here: The Children Waiting Longest to be Adopted | You Can Adopt


Contact details

For media enquiries and interview requests for any of the One Adoption agencies, please contact: Emma Glanville, regional communications and marketing lead:

E-mail: emma.glanville@leeds.gov.uk 

Telephone: 0113 3789188