Zuzanna is of fair complexion with bright blue eyes and brown hair. She is dainty and smiles a lot! She is of Polish heritage.

Zuzanna is an inquisitive and observant little girl who is sociable and likes to be held or interacted with. She will look at people intently and will smile and coo at them. Zuzanna has lots of colourful and musical toys along with swings and play mats and enjoys playing with these. Zuzanna particularly enjoys bath time and will kick her legs in the water.

Zuzanna has lived with her foster carer since she was discharged from hospital at 15 days old. Prior to this, Zuzanna received hospital treatment for exposure to substances. Birth mother used heroin and cocaine during pregnancy, and alcohol use is possible. The pregnancy is also likely to have been stressful as Zuzanna’s birth mother’s living arrangements were unstable. Unfortunately there is very little information known about birth mother as it has been difficult for her to work with children’s services. Zuzanna’s birth father is also unknown. There are therefore significant uncertainties for Zuzanna’s future emotional, behavioural, learning, and health needs, along with lots of gaps in her life story.

Currently Zuzanna’s development is age appropriate. She can roll, babble, and pushes herself up on her arms when having tummy time – it won’t be long before she is crawling! Her foster carer describes her as placid and a joy to care for. Zuzanna sleeps through the night and has two to three naps in the day time. She feeds well, enjoying her bottles and some solid food such as banana porridge! Zuzanna has no current health needs.