Hi, my name is Tanishia

I am three years old and my ethnicity is White/Black Caribbean 

“I love going to ballet classes and practice spinning” 

Here’s what other people say about me… 

Tanishia has beautiful black curly hair and big brown eyes. Tanishia’s foster carer describes her as a very funny little girl with an infectious laugh who can be shy sometimes when surrounded by many people. 

Tanishia has lived with her current foster carer since she was one year old. She is settled in her placement and has a positive relationship with her and is thriving in her care. She is a content little girl who is meeting her developmental milestones. 

Tanishia started walking at 14 months and is very confident on her feet. She is so confident and steady that she has started to go to ballet classes and gymnastics, where she is doing very well. She loves to dance, especially in her ballet tutu. Her foster carer describes how she can be nervous at times and quiet around new people. 

She is energetic in her play but also enjoys sitting to read books and doing craft activities too. Tanishia loves singing along to music and knows many nursery rhymes. 

Tanishia is in a good routine, and sleeps through the night. She likes to sleep with her doll Baby for comfort and cuddles. She knows when she goes to nursery and enjoys going. She has a group of friends that she likes to play with. 

Tanishia has an older brother and sister that currently live in a different foster placement. Tanishia enjoys play sessions with her siblings and trying to do everything that they can do.