Sophie and Katie


Sophie is five years old. She loves going to school and seeing her friends with whom she can chat and play happily for hours! Sophie is very creative and enjoys making cards and crafts at home with her foster carer. She likes watching Mister Maker and is most happy when playing with paint, glitter and glue.

Sophie has blue eyes and fair shoulder-length hair which she likes to wear in bunches.

Sophie has support from a teaching assistant at school and this has helped her manage transitions through the day, she has made good progress at school and contributes in class.

Sophie an affectionate child, she loves helping take care of Katie with her foster carer and has settled well into the foster home. She has formed a warm relationship with her foster carers and is very fond of the family’s new puppy.  

Katie is 11 months old and Sophie’s little sister. Katie was in hospital following birth for some weeks before moving to foster care. She needed a lot of comfort and rocking in the early days, but is now more relaxed and settled and enjoys cuddles from her carers and big sister. She is enjoying food and loves fruit and vegetables she can easily pick up and chew. 

Sophie and Katie need a family together, who can provide a nurturing, loving environment with opportunities to continue to make progress. Prospective adopters need to be able to promote and maintain indirect contact with birth mother and Katie’s birth father. Sophie’s birth father is deceased and she will need support to process this as she grows and understands more about her birth family background.