Maya, Noah and Amelia


Maya, Noah and Amelia are full siblings, who are all of dual heritage. They are of White British and Black Caribbean ethnic origin.

Maya is six years old. She presents as a loving, caring and happy little girl who is full of energy and character. Maya loves anything girly and pink! She enjoys singing, dancing and trampolining, and wants to be a hairdresser when she’s older. Maya can articulate well and is making progress with her communication; she has been referred for speech and language support in school. Maya enjoys school and loves to learn; she is working below expectations for a little girl of her age.

Maya sleeps and eats well, and she is in a good routine. It was identified that Maya has a heart murmur, which is monitored through health appointments. Maya is imaginative in her play and enjoys playing with other children. She is described by her carers as sensitive and is affectionate towards her siblings.

Noah is four years old and is a loving and charming little boy who loves the outdoors and anything adventurous! He loves anything Thomas the Tank and Paw Patrol-related, and enjoys playing with his toy dinosaurs and figurines. Noah enjoys playing on his scooter and the trampoline. Noah presents as confident and full of character.

Noah currently has speech and language involvement to support him in his communication and formation of phrases. Noah is positive for hepatitis C, however he has started treatment for this.

Noah sleeps and eats well and is in a good routine, although can sometimes wake early crying.

Amelia is two years old and is an adorable little girl who is charismatic and takes everything in her stride!

The youngest of the sibling group, Amelia enjoys playing with her two older siblings and following their lead. However, Amelia can be confident in what she does/does not want. Amelia will giggle and smile when played with and enjoys interaction from both children and adults. Like her older sister, Amelia enjoys dancing to music.

Amelia shares a bedroom with her sister, Maya. She will ask to go to bed and both girls enjoy a bedtime story. Amelia prefers to sleep in a cot although a bed is available to her. Amelia sleeps well and is in a good routine.

The siblings have a younger sister; they also have a much older maternal half-brother.

Contact arrangements have been agreed, which include annual letterbox contact with birth parents and paternal grandparents, and twice-yearly direct contact with the youngest sibling who is placed separately.