Kyle is three years old and lives with his foster carers who describe him as a happy, friendly little boy who enjoys riding his scooter and going to the park to play on the swings. He loves being outdoors and having fun climbing, jumping in puddles and playing in the garden. 

Kyle plays well with the foster carers’ older child in the home and likes to help with baking cakes and cooking different foods.

Kyle attends nursery two days a week and has settled well, after a quiet start. He had some developmental delay when first came into care but is enjoying learning shapes, numbers and colours. He responds well to praise. Kyle is also very good at recognising animals and enjoys visiting a nearby child’s farm where he likes to feed the goats and sheep in particular. 

Kyle is an affectionate child who likes to cuddle up to his carers when they read stories and he can find it hard to share at times, this is getting better at this with support and patience. 

Kyle has light brown curly hair, brown twinkly eyes and a very cheeky smile!

Kyle needs a family who are able to maintain positive ongoing contact with his maternal grandparents and his older sibling who is in long-term foster care.