Hi, my name is Jack

I am four years old and my ethnicity is White British 

“I love to read stories and watch my favourite television programmes, Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig” 

Here’s what other people say about me… 

Jack is a bright boy who is full of energy. 

He enjoys spending time outside and going to the park, especially playing on the roundabout and jumping in puddles. He also likes playing football and pushing his toy lawn mower. 

Jack has been going to the same nursery for the last two years and will shortly be starting primary school. The nursery staff know him very well and talk fondly of him. He is growing in confidence and has recently started to make friends and interact more, even with children he doesn’t know. 

The nursery staff are working hard to prepare him for school because he finds it difficult to cope with changes in his life. 

There are some concerns about certain aspects of Jack’s development, for example he finds it very difficult to concentrate and stay focused on a task. Jack is a healthy boy with a good appetite; he enjoys most fruit and vegetables and is willing to try new foods.