Amyra is described by her carers as a beautiful baby who is a real delight to look after. She enjoys music and being sang to. She likes having a bath and a cuddle. She is in a household where there are other children and also two dogs. Amyra likes to babble and smile to everyone at home. She also likes to spend time on her play mat, baby chair and playing with her toys. She can be unsettled by meeting people she doesn’t know or loud noises and so looks to her carer for cuddles and reassurance.

Amyra is Black British and her birth parents are Black African.

Amyra’s birth mother used alcohol and drugs during this pregnancy, there was also domestic violence within her relationship which means Amyra will have been exposed to a stressful pregnancy. She was unsettled when first discharged from hospital and does still become agitated if she is late for her feed. Routine is important to her.

Amyra has two half siblings and two full siblings. There would be a plan for indirect contact between Amyra and her siblings following adoption.