Alex is four and is a happy, quiet and sensitive boy who loves animals, especially his foster carer’s two dogs and guinea pig. He enjoys stroking their fur and going for walks with the dogs in the park.

He is a gentle boy and is making friends with some of the children at the nursey he attends, sharing toys and having fun in the sandpit.

Alex has blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a winning smile. At times he can be a little withdrawn but is beginning to find confidence and trust in those around him.

Alex has global developmental delay and this means there is a delay in his language, speech and fine motor skills.

Alex came from a background of neglect and has witnessed domestic violence in his birth family during the first two years of his life. When Alex first came into foster care he was unable to sleep well and found it hard to settle. He often woke in the night and found it hard to accept nurturing care from his foster parents. However, he has made good progress with the support of his foster family and regular routine and stability. He has formed a good attachment to his foster carer and will hug her, hold her hand and responds well to praise and encouragement. He really enjoys listening to stories, especially The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom.

Alex needs parents who are patient and understanding, and who will meet his needs for continuing stability and acceptance. Additional support is being put in place for his transition to school.

Alex has an older sister who was placed separately, therefore we are looking for adopters who are willing to support their relationship going forward.